24 Mar

FCARI: A Guide to Senior Storage

Moving into a new home is always a challenge. For seniors, there’s more to consider beforehand. The transition into smaller homes or senior living arrangements often leads to a need to store a houseful of furniture and a lifetime’s worth of keepsakes. Here are some of the things you should look for when choosing a storage facility for seniors:

  • Flexible pricing, or even a veteran’s discount, can be helpful for seniors moving on a budget. Flexibility is important as seniors may move items out of storage once they settled in their new homes. The option for a monthly rental instead of a fixed-term lease is also recommended.
  • Valet service, free or discounted truck delivery will make the move easier

What are the warning sights to watch out for?

  • Rigid pricing or unit policies that impose a one-size-fits-all approach to senior storage
  • Long-term lease requirements that force seniors to rent more space than they’re likely to need in the near future
  • Inadequate security at the site, given the cash value of expensive items and heirlooms that are being stored
  • Restricted access or bad site layouts, which can make it difficult for movers to get close to the unit when moving bulky items such as couches
  • Poorly sealed units that are not ventilated or climate-managed, which can expose irreplaceable items to moisture, mold and other hazards
  • Puddles of water inside public areas of the building, which indicate that leaks might be present within the units themselves.

You can learn more about finding the best storage options for your needsĀ here.